What are neurofunctional spinal scans?

Neurofunctional spinal scans allow us to dive deeper into the nervous system. They are completely non-invasive, safe, and can be used on a baby on the way home from the hospital to great great grandpa and grandma. They help us take measurable data about each patient's individual body, so we can see exactly what is going on inside. Dr. Zoelle Reinke is the only chiropractor in town who uses the neurofunctional spinal scans to assess each individual!

Specific neurofunctional spinal scans



Heart rate variability


Surface electromyography



Heart Rate Variability

HRV is the first neurofunctional spinal scan. This was developed by NASA and allows us to dive deep into the cardiovascular and nervous system. It measures the timing in between each of your heart beats as well as your resting heart rate. This is important to see if your body is in a flight/flight or rest/digest/heal state. Your body should be able to easily adapt to new stressors. This shows us how you adapt!

Even olympic athletes use this to measure how they are doing.

Surface EMG

sEMG is the second neurofunctional spinal scan. This means that we are measuring the energy output and muscle tension along both sides of the spine. This helps to identify areas of compensation and to see how effective your body is using energy. There is a “normal” amount of energy your body should be using at a resting state in order to hold you up against gravity. If the body is overusing muscles this can cause increased fatigue.

Rolling Thermography

Thermal is the third neurofunctional spinal scan. This uses two infrared sensors to dive deep into the tissues on both sides of the spine. Temperature is reflected from blood flow and blood flow to each muscle is determined via the nerves.  This reveals how the sympathetic (flight or flight) part of the nervous system is able to regulate temperature balance. When there is a vertebra misalignment present, this can alter the tone of the blood vessels which can alter the temperature.

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