Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial therapy or known as instrument assisted soft tissue massage, is very helpful to aid in the healing of tissue and promote blood flow to the tissue. An instrument, usually a small metal tool, is rubbed across the skin with lotion to break up scar tissue and adhesions. 

This can help to aid in old injurys, improve blood flow, and decrease tension. Often times, patients will experience petechia, or little red dots that start to look like a slight bruise afterwards; this is normal.

Common conditions myofascial therapy helps

Here are a few examples

Rotator cuff injury

tendinitis, tendinosis, sprain, strain

Plantar fasciitis


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Numbness and tingling in the arms


1. Does myofascial therapy hurt?
It can definitely be tender, but I will never go past your comfort level and pain level.
2. Will I have bruising?
Most people will have some sort of redness and/bruising that looks like little red dots. It typically goes away after a few days.
3. What is it actually doing?
It is breaking up scar tissue and adhesions. It allows the body to heal itself the best way it can. It is promoting tissue repair.
4. What does it feel like?
In chronic long term injuries, patients will describe it like scratching an itch. In a new injury, it is more tender.
5. How should I prepare for myofascial therapy?
Drink lots of water before and after your appointment! This helps with circulation of blood and better healing. At your appointment where something comfortable that we can get around if needed. 

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