Athletes, Weight-lifters, Casual Runners
No one athlete is the same

Dr. Zoelle Reinke played many sports growing up and throughout high school so she understands the importance of athlete health. In our office we have many approaches to help to prevent injury, aid in the healing process, and strengthen. By using myofascial therapy, kinesiotaping, and adjustments we can help you. We can assist with injury rehab and discuss nutrition so that the healing process is the best it can be. Dr. Zoelle is a sports chiropractor who has worked on D1 collegiate athletes to your everday family who just wants to stay active. As a sports chiropractor, she takes different routes to manage old injuries, increase healing, and make sure you are in the best shape.


Common Issues

Rotator Cuff Injury
Tennis Elbow
ACL Injury
Benefits of a sports chiropractor
  • 30% improved hand-eye coordination after 12 weeks
  • 90% of world class athletes use chiropractic care 
  • 100% of NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff
  • 100% of MLB teams have a chiropractor on staff
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