Patient FAQs

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Insurance companies dictate each patient's health without even knowing them. By not taking insurance, we are able to treat each individual and use methods and technology that insurance wouldn't allow. This allows us to treat you to the absolute best of our abilities. Insurance also doesn't like the idea of preventing health and typically doesn't pay for wellness care or maintenance care. 

Q: I've never been to a chiropractor before.... will it hurt?

A: We use many methods of adjusting utilizing the least amount of force needed for each individual. It is very common for patients to be sore after their first visit or two. Most patients find comfort and relief after being adjusted. If you ever have any concerns please reach out! We are here for you.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We base our care plans on each unique patient. After your first appointment Dr. Zoelle will review everything from your initial appointment and discuss her recommendations based on each individual patient. This typically looks like coming in 2x/week for few weeks and then transitioning to wellness care where we can maintain health and prevent disease. 


Health investment costs

Breakdown of our services and how much they cost.

Initial assessment: $150, look below to see what it all includes (first 2 visits)

Adjustment: $40-$50

Soft tissue work: Additional $20

*Ask about our household discount!

*Ask about our wellness plan discount!

What an adjustment might look like for you!

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What to expect on your first visit



This includes a full medical history, social history, and family history


This includes orthopedic exams, range of motion, balance assessment, posture, and/or other exams needed

Insight scans

Objective measurements of HRV, temperature, and muscle tone

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