How does cupping therapy work?

A cup is placed on the skin and a suction pressure difference is formed. Sometimes the cups stay in one place, and sometimes they are moved while on (dynamic). There is no blood, but often times there is a painless bruise left afterwards. We target specific muscles individual to each patient, depending on the reason for your visit. Chiropractic cupping therapy is great for tension, repairing tissue, and overall relaxation.

Common issues cupping can help with

Muscle soreness
Muscle soreness
Promote cell repair
Promote cell repair
Pain relief
Pain relief
Chiropractic cupping therapy benefits
  • Decrease acne
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decrease cellulite
  • Increase relaxation
  • Decreased recovery time
1. Does chiropractic cupping therapy hurt?
You may feel tightness or pressure when cups are initially applied, but once released you feel a sense of relaxation and less muscle tension.
2. Will I have bruising?
It depends on the person. Some people do and some don't! There are many factors that attribute to change in color of the skin. But don't worry, the bruising doesn't hurt at all and usually goes away in a few days.
3. Will I bleed?
No! We only perform dry cupping, therefore there is no blood!
4. What does the bruising indicate?
Everyone is different, but typically the darker the bruise, the more toxins/chronic tissue damage is present.
5. How should I prepare for cupping?
Drink lots of water before and after your appointment! This helps with circulation of blood and better healing.
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